Processing of exhibitions

We have a specialized technical team that works to prepare your space with the events of equipment and innovative creative Processing of exhibitions
Trade fairs are a meeting point between interested and followers and exhibitors
For any one-time service or activity that is an effective way to deliver your brand
Get the market through your direct contact with your potential clients using colors and graphics
The company’s content to maintain your brand unit service and exhibition processing.

At Smarter, we take the trouble of processing your show
Your site and leave us the rest of the Smarter as a advertising company specialized team working to equip your exhibition with the latest equipment and innovative ideas.
Renewed to suit your activity and show you in a distinctive style far from expensive.

The company’s team has designed, implemented and constructed many exhibition pavilions for many major companies and clients, which we regard as our partners in success and trust in us. We must work hard and keep up with the events and the development of the exhibition equipment industry and the designs of the exhibition pavilions with the latest international designs. For their fields of activity, to make our client’s booth a painting that attracts visitors to the exhibition to learn about the company’s products and services and to make successful deals during the exhibition period.

Smarter offers its clients in the processing of exhibitions:
* Design and innovation of wing identity.
* Manufacturing, installation and installation of wing.
* Use the finest types of wood, materials and accessories for the suite.
* The wing shown in the image is designed and implemented to be compatible with all areas starting from 3 × 3 m and above.
* Modern techniques in the installation and construction and dismantling of the wing.
* You can easily change the layout of the pavilion pavilions at each exhibition with minimal expenses.
* You can easily use the suite in many exhibitions because we have manufactured the best and most powerful raw materials.
* Parquet floor or carpet as desired by the client.
* Illuminated signs – Products standings – Roll-up printing – Brochure stands
* Selling and renting all suite supplies (interiors sets, VIP sets, reception chairs & bar chairs, display screens).

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